Self-Driving Car

According to the statistics, 90% of road accidents are due to human error, and about 1.35 million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes. Self-driving cars can ensure the safety of people and vehicles are becoming more valuable every day. Therefore, in this competition, our priority is safety. That means in scoring, obeying rules and driving safe, have more score than finishing in time. The competition's objective is the development of a 1/10 scale self-driving electric car that must accomplish different tasks, such as lane-keeping, acting according to traffic signs, giving way, parking, emergency braking, etc.

Participation in Self-Driving cars league requires successfully passing a qualification procedure. This procedure is to ensure the quality of the competition event and the safety of participants.

All teams that intend to participate at the competition have to perform the following steps:

  1. Preregistration (by sending email to the TC)
  2. Submission of qualification material, including a team description paper and possibly additional material like videos or drawings.
  3. Final registration (qualified teams only)

The Team Description Paper (TDP) is a central element of the qualification process and has to be provided by each team as part of the qualification process. The TDP should at least contain the following information in the author/title section of the paper:

  •  Name of the team (title)
  •  Team members (authors), including the team leader
  •  Link to the team web site (if any)
  •  Contact information

The body of the TDP should contain information on the following:

  •  focus of research/research interest
  •  description of the hardware, including an image of the robot
  •  description of the software, esp. the functional and software architectures
  •  innovative technology (if any)
  •  applicability and relevance to real-world tasks

The team description paper should cover in detail the technical and scientific approach.

Robocup IranOpen2023 Self Driving Car Rules: SelfDrivingCar-IranOpen2023-V1.1

Teams Summary

Name Leader Count of members Affiliation Country Status Payment
FAST AND SMART Hossein Babaki 1 پژوهش سرای خبازی فریدونکنار Iran Pending Incomplete
Bir Robotic Hadi Ahrovani 1 شرکت بیر رباتیک Iran Pending Incomplete
ربات آفرینان وریا Pourya Sharifi 2 ربات آفرینان وریا Iran Pending Incomplete
Positive Mohammad sadegh Esmaeili 1 شرکت عیار Iran Pending Incomplete
SRBIAU Robotic Team Seyed Majid Rezaei Daryakenari 7 دانشگاه علوم و تحقیقات تهران - انجمن علمی مکاترونیک Iran Pending Incomplete
Payand Reza Karimi 1 Iran Pending Incomplete
Road Challenger Seyed Hessam Nasehi 16 SHN Co Iran Pending Incomplete
ربو هوشمند Kaveh Hooshmandi 1 دانشگاه صنعتی اراک Iran Pending Incomplete
Auriga MohammadHossein Moaiyeri 1 Shahid Beheshti University Iran Pending Incomplete
KIAU Robo Team Omid Mirzadeh 1 دانشگاه آزاد کرج Iran Pending Incomplete
Robust A A 2 None Iran Pending Incomplete